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Wow…. Very nice indeed. Good reconstruction. Simple but elegant.  I will have to check out the advertisers and other points of interest.  My daughter and family moved to Doylestown late last summer. They love it.  Thanks for a window on their area.  Peter H.  Deep River, CT


To become an advertiser, email us at
Here are 3 ways to advertise on this site:

Standard Size Ad

Standard ad with landing page

1) A standard ad with a link to a dedicated landing page just for your business.  The landing page looks like the one you see now.    $50/month with a 12 month committment.  (Max of 20 ads in rotation) 12 month commitment. 


Enhanced banner ad with landing page

2) An enhanced banner ad with a link to a dedicated landing page just for your business = $199/month with a 12 month commitment.   (Max of 5 ads in rotation).

Business spotlight ad with landing page

3) A business spotlight ad including a link to a dedicated landing page.  It includes a 30 sec video shot inside and outside your location, business name, address, photo or logo, link, and description = $250/month with a 12 month commitment.  (Max of 6 businesses)

Additional options:

Add an embedded 15 second video shot outside your location on your own custom page for  an additional $25/month.

Add an embedded 30 second video for an additional $50/month  Click here to see a sample of a 30 second video.

Add a Feature Video (3 minutes) for $2,500 for video creation and an additional $50/month .  This will be a scripted video.  Click here to see a sample of a 3 minute scripted video.


Just send us your ad. The size requirements for the JPG files are:
Standard Ad - 180px X 150px         Banner Ad -  160px X 600px

Or we can create or resize your ad for you.
Standard Ad is $105.       Banner Ad is $210.

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